Model: Prepiad Meters

Prepayment IC Card Water Meter adopts advanced microprocessors, designed with the advantages of mechanical measurement and valve control, using IC card technology.

Available Technologies


  • LCD display function: LCD displays the clock and information of purchase and usage of water,convenient for users to check.
  • Prepaid function: using water after paying first, automatically close the valve if the deposit runs out.
  • Price ladder function: split charging tariffs according to unit price and increasing block water tariffset by the water consumption.
  • Frozen monthly usage function: to check and freeze the water consumption of last 12 months
  • Hoarding limit function: when the balance and recharge amount is greater than the sum of the set limit, the recharge transaction cannot be made.
  • Balance alarm function: if the remaining amount is less or equal than the set alarm value, then close the valve once,user can insert the card to open the valve.
  • Advance payment settings: set the meter to allow or prohibit an advance payment state.
  • Overdraft setting function: water meter can be set to allow or prohibit overdraft status
  • Voltage detection function: when the voltage is low or the battery is removed, the valve automatically closes.
  • Valve maintenance functions: regular self-check of valve,to remain the valve in flexible status.
  • Diamagnetic attack function: when subjected to magnetic interference measurement signal, the meter will record exception information and automatically close the valve.
  • Card Slot Attack Protection: when illegal card or metal sheet inserts into the card slot, or attacked by electric batons, it won’t affect the normal use of water meter.
  • Data storage function: water meter internal data can be stored for more than 10 years.
  • Anti-counterfeiting security features: remote control and recharge payment instructions require passwords, data is secure and reliable.

Data Sheet

Size DN Overload rate Q4 Common flow rate (Q3) Transitional flow rate(Q2) Min Flow rate (Q1) Min Reading Max Reading
mm m3/h m3
15 3.123 2.5 0.05 0.031 0.0001 99999
20 5.0 4.0 0.08 0.05 0.0001 99999
25 7.875 6.3 0.125 0.078 0.0001 99999

Controller Specifications

Module operating voltage 3.6V
Module operating current When display≤45μA,turn off≤8.0μA
Deck Durability ≥100,000 bouts
Data keeping ≥10 Years

*Cold water meter:T30:(0.3°C~30°C),medium water meter :T90(0.3°C~90°C)

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