How it works?

Smart Meter

The Meter in the premises will have either the mechanical or Digital Data.Flow AMR unit integrated with the meter is a perfect medium to fetch the data from the meter.For the mechanical meter it will have Sensor to do the job.For the Digital Meter the AMR controller communicates with the meter controller is using to fetch the data.Once the data receive the AMR its Stored in the system and used for the futures requirement of the system.


The AMR meter communicates with the intermediate device to push the data to the cloud.

The communication is made possible by

  • Base Station or Flow Concentrator
  • Mobile data Collector
  • Automatic data Collector

Rf technology

The service provider will set up the network infrastructure service chargeable

  • Sigfox
  • NB-IoT


It can be either set up by the user or by the LoRaWAN server provider. If it is set up by the user he needs to bear the Gateway cost or else subscription charge.

Flow concentrator

Which is a proprietary Lora communication provided by FLOW(Low Cost) and plug and play setup.