Type of meter Flow offers?
Mechanical water meters.
Water Meter size available?
15 mm to 300 mm
Communication technology Flow Supports?
LoRa + GSM (Using concentrator), Sigfox, Lorawan, NBIoT
Can we retrofit it with the current meter in the ground?
No, Currently all the meters installed are normal water with different dimensions. But with the AMR ready water meter there be an option available for retrofit. For that, we are working on a universal capsule type AMR unit which can be fitted on all the AMR ready meters.
Meter Warranty? Is this warranty Service or Replacement
We are offering 5 year replacement warranty
What all included in the solution?
Our solution includes the complete solution. AMR based water meter, Billing & Analytical software for utility admin, consumer & technician and communication infrastructure. Also included 5 year warranty and software support.
Billing & Analytical software hosted in client server or ours?
Software can be hosted in client server if needed.
Are you providing communication Infrastructure?
We are providing the complete infrastructure along with the solutions.
Alarms Included?
Tamper Alerts, Theft Alerts, Leakage Alerts etc.