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Why Metering ?

Effective Distribution

We believe in effective distribution by replacing ordinary system with more flexible, efficient and effective energy distribution networks.

Enhanced Conservation

Smart systems installed on utilities better understand where and how resource is used. This is useful information to enhance conservation efforts.

Demand Forecasting

With demand forecasting, estimations about future customer demand using historical data and other information can be done easily.

Improved Customer Service

Improving our clients' business performance, creating long-term, win-win relationships and focusing on excellence in execution.

Our Solution

Multiple utilities . Single solution

FLOW is designed for multiple services with smart technology. Our solution serves multiple utilities with a single smart metering solution.
FLOW renders solutions for:

Water Meters

FLOW water meter aids in calculating water readings preventing water wastage in real time along with individual consumption, user friendly visualized data and billing status.

BTU Meters

FLOW offers a comprehensive range of BTU meters, all in particular, designed for flexible reading and prompt billing.


From pilot study to implementation, we undetake turn key projects to implement flow metering system. With skilled labour force and state of the art technologies we ensure a flawless operation and 24x7 support.

Quality Standards

Following advanced quality benchmarks and international certifications we assure extreme quality in every batch of products we deliver.

Warranty & Maintenance

We provide an all parts warranty of 5 years and extended support through an annual maintenance contract. With skilled labour force and state of the art support system we ensure a flawless operation and 24x7 support.

Flow Pros

Smart Meters offer numerous diverse benefits and this includes more control of your energy usage, accurate bills and better budgeting. Find out how these devices can benefit you and your customers.
Automated Readings

FLOW is not just an ordinary meter. It introduces a unique solution to calculate meter readings automatically.


With FLOW, a customer’s utility usage can be accurately recorded and reported back to utility provider on a daily basis.

Effective Analytics

FLOW features a configurable and insightful analytics tool for easier analysis. This will help to resolve problems faster by improving efficiency.

Leakage Detection

With FLOW, utility loss and utility leakages can also be detected. The quicker to detect leaks, the quicker to fix it, saving utility & money.

Remote Flow Control

With Flow smart meter, flow control can be regulated remotely and regularly. Flow rate indications can be monitored and controlled.

Data Security

FLOW protect data from unauthorized access and data corruption for safer usage of utility. Data privacy and secure metering reduce risks.

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Our Clients

Our customers expect, and are provided with, the highest quality products to meet their demands.

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Noel Builders Kochi
Kerala Water Authority
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