AI Powered

Its can take care of all the necessary needs of the utility end to end. From reading to analytic and billing. The Smart meter data not only benefit the Utility provider and customer on billing. With the data we can get the consumption of the region in real time , and can predict the future consumption of the region.

Third Party Integration

Any Meter data format can be integrated with the system. Other utility meters like Electricity and Gas meters can also integrated with the system.


Our team of UI/UX experts along with product designers keeps on innovating, designing and developing the application to offer our customers with timely tested and updated user friendly application features.
Convenient & Secure

FLOW’s cloud based secure servers provides the freedom of mobility that ensures accessing and managing the utility system from anywhere, anytime.

Simple & User Friendly

FLOW Software is built on powerful, simple user friendly web technologies helping the user to learn and manage the entire system with ease

Multi Device Compatibility

FLOW Software is designed and tested to work in multiple devices and almost all modern browsers with optimal perfomance.