Utilities Served

Our Residential Tower Solutions

FLOW Smart metering solution is a simpler, more efficient and reliable system that provides an end-to-end solution for all meter reading problems. FLOW is designed for multiple services with smart technology. Our solution serves multiple utilities with a single smart metering solution.
FLOW renders solutions for:

Water Meters

FLOW water meter aids in calculating water readings preventing water wastage in real time along with individual consumption, user friendly visualized data and billing status.

BTU Meters

FLOW offers a comprehensive range of BTU meters, all in particular, designed for flexible reading and prompt billing.

Communication Technologies

Flow uses various GSM and LPWAN communication technologies ensuring effective connectivity and data security.


FLOW is a combination of Automated Meter Reading and Advanced Metering infrastructure. From smart meter installation to automated data collection using cloud technology to billing customers, FLOW does it all. With upgraded features, FLOW is accurate with no room for errors.
Smart Meter System
Automated meter reading hardware system including utility meters, meter reading modules and a central collector unit.
Management Portal & Mobile App
Efficient and easy to handle management system implemented over cloud platform.
Analytics Tool
Interactive and User friendly analytics tool delivering personalized consumption graphs and overall statistics.
Billing & Payment
Real time smart billing by estimating automated meter reading and online payment facility.
Customer Portal & Mobile App
A user friendly data portal for all your customers with an analytic tool to retrieve readings automatically at real time.
Support System
Smart Meters offer numerous diverse benefits and this includes more control of your energy usage, accurate bills and better budgeting. Find out how these devices can benefit you and your customers.

The future of Utility Metering

FLOW metering system comprise of Smart
Meters equipped with Automated Meter Reading modules, Collector unit built working with ultramodern Communication and IoT technologies, Data Servers maintained in Cloud technology provides an advanced, accurate, reliable and secure metering infrastructure. FLOW hardware components follow a weatherproof, ergonomic design concept to go inline with all weather and aesthetic environment. The Smart meter data not only benefit the Utility provider and customer on billing. With the data we can get the consumption of the region in real time , and can predict the future consumption of the region. We can minimize the Losses in wastage, theft.