Flow is an IoT product which has the ability to run on Ultra-low-power, Lpwan technology. To fetch data from the meter we use AMR which has a built-in RF(LPWAN) which either communicates with the base station or Flow Concentrator/Controller unit. Once the data reaches Cloud, Flow software will use it for the billing and analytical purpose.


With the hardware and software design Flow is able to achieve ultra-low-leakage technology and optimized design.Which ensures the product runs on battery for years(>10 year) with our maintenance with our compromising on accuracy.

Communication Technologies

Flow uses various GSM and LPWAN communication technologies ensuring effective connectivity and data security.


  • 4G(LTE)
  • 2G (GPRS)


  • Sigfox
  • Lora
  • LoraWAN
  • NB-IoT

AMR Module

AMR(Automated Meter Reading) is a IoT End node which is capable of uplink and downlink the data.Which run on Ultra-low-power which maximizes the battery life.Our technology enables configuration of the AMR via technician device.

  • Low power consumption
  • Easy to Configure and Setup
  • 10+ years of battery life.
  • Low Interference
  • Network coverage & Range
  • Cost

Concentrator Device

Flow Concentrator is a complete standalone system.Its a combination of GSM and Lora.The AMR Installed in the ground will communicate to the Flow Concentrator through LORA via Proprietary protocol. The AMR has a data backup and it depends on the Model Number. Once the data reaches the flow concentrator the data is stored and pushed to the cloud via GSM.The Flow concentrator has additional backup to protect it from uncertainty in the network.

The future of Utility Metering

FLOW metering system comprise of Smart
Meters equipped with Automated Meter Reading modules, Collector unit built working with ultramodern Communication and IoT technologies, Data Servers maintained in Cloud technology provides an advanced, accurate, reliable and secure metering infrastructure. FLOW hardware components follow a weatherproof, ergonomic design concept to go inline with all weather and aesthetic environment. The Smart meter data not only benefit the Utility provider and customer on billing. With the data we can get the consumption of the region in real time , and can predict the future consumption of the region. We can minimize the Losses in wastage, theft.