Utilities Served

Our Residential Tower Solutions

FLOW Smart metering solution is a simpler, more efficient and reliable system that provides an end-to-end solution for all meter reading problems. FLOW is designed for multiple services with smart technology. Our solution serves multiple utilities with a single smart metering solution.
FLOW renders solutions for:

Water Meters

FLOW water meter aids in calculating water readings preventing water wastage in real time along with individual consumption, user friendly visualized data and billing status.

BTU Meters

FLOW offers a comprehensive range of BTU meters, all in particular, designed for flexible reading and prompt billing.

GAS Meters

FLOW smart gas meters replaces ordinary gas meters with an advanced smart energy tracker, an in-home display, and an efficient cost usage tracker.


AMR(Automted Meter Reading) Module is microcontroller is a small computer on a single integrated circuit. In modern terminology, many types of electronic products can be constructed easily with the advanced controllers. We have capabilities across the product technology stack of digital, analog, mixed-signal and RF products. Our services encompass the entire product life-cycle, from ideation and requirements formalization to design and prototyping.

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